Monday, May 10, 2010

The most important kitchen tool

Sharpies. That's it. I mean, sure it's nice having the pots and fancy pans, shiny ovens and mixers but the ultimate tool in the kitchen for most chefs and bakers is the humble sharpie. Every chef I know guards their sharpies with utmost ferocity and sometimes they carry spares but are loath to part with them either.
You can date things, label things, completely change recipes by blacking something out or adding something in. They're small, lightweight, and ultimately portable. Okay so they can't do the actual cooking but almost everything to up to that point.

What would be really, really cool is to have a bandolier full of Sharpies, then you could have a showdown in the kitchen and "draw" on the count of three...hehehehehehehe.

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