Monday, July 14, 2014

Summertime treats

A small sampling of cakes that my pastry chef
& crew have whipped up so far this summer. 
Orange you happy when you spy flowers?
(Oh, come on-stop the groaning)
Tonal shift
Fruity waterfall
Simple elegance
Pastel rainbow
Tart + Fruit = Summer deliciousness
Cupcake time
Young whipper snappers
Roses go with everything
Roses can be much more than plants
Birds of a feather
Farm animals are hanging around
Swirly sweetness

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Gear Con 2014

Here's what I did for my holiday weekend. 
Quite the stylish crowd to be seen. 
Steampunk Totoro
7 feet tall & his ears wiggle
A bit of Steam Powered Giraffe cosplay
Most excellently done ladies
Yay! Leather & lights.
Very entertaining singer
 Dark Cabaret Jazz
A little smoke, a bit of blues, and add a touch of smooth trumpet

Fashion Show time
I have more pictures but my camera isn't speaking to my computer 
so this is what I can access for the moment.
These clothes are by: Seams Unusual, Far Above Rubies, and The Lady Jessica
w/accessories by: 
Avery Millieu Millinery,Steampunked Out (his leather crafts are fabulous!),
Midnight Armor, & Steambaby 

Dr. Professor Anderson
Resident Mad Scientist w/his personal Tesla coil
He said it takes him an average of 2 weeks per component.
More Science!
Mini Mad Scientist in the making
Very stylish
Close up of the Wow.
Again, Wow.
Steampunk Spidey
Like the look, love the bumbershoot
Wow x2
These outfits were absolutely amazing
Love the lighting
I come up with so many new ideas after attending these events.
I'm thinking a bracer that will hold sharpies & measuring spoons now.
You will often see people sporting several small ribbons w/sayings or 
names of groups. These will be randomly passed out to passersby or 
given to a person upon request.
Now that I have learned of at least one company 
that produces these, I shall be coming up with my own .
This shall take some serious contemplation.