Sunday, May 12, 2013

Birthday cake for Stevie Wonder

  My pastry chef received a call from an old school chum recently, 
asking if we would make a birthday cake for a special guest.
Mr. Stevie Wonder. 
That would be a Yes.
The event was a fundraiser for Project Clean Slate. 
My baker baked a cake to serve 200
and my pastry chef got to work on the decoration. 
She made the cake topper a few days ahead so it 
would have time to dry and would be stable.
With fondant covering the cake, it weighs over 70lb.
We took it to the restaurant Quartet.
My pastry chef also put some of
Mr. Wonder's song titles 
on the cake.
No, she couldn't fit all of them on there, not by a long shot.
Close up action
Piano & cake together in perfect harmony.
Nifty insides of Quartet
More nifty interior action.
A chef and her cake.
The Executive Chef & friend of my pastry chef.
I really like the interior, very modern.
I snapped a couple of pictures of Mr. Wonder 
and took a bit of video though it was more to hear the music
rather than actually being close by. 
He was very gracious to sing a few songs.
So, here's that assortment and a short news video covering it as well.
 Arrival. Side view. 
(I can not, for some reason, get the video to be upright. Sorry about that.)

Happy Birthday Mr. Wonder.