Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cake Wreck Adulation

After a long day of dealing with "Common Courtesy challenged" customers, endless telemarketing and donation requests, and just normal day to day activities; the Cake Wrecks blog is the perfect thing to lighten and brighten one's day.
Scott, we are eternally grateful to you for telling us about this site!

The eerie thing I discovered while reading the blog is that Jen is channeling my thoughts almost to the letter when I look at the pictures and read the commentary that she has posted, it's SPOOKY I tell you!
The wedding cakes pics with the "Princess Bride" commentary on May 5, 2010 especially made my day-in part because I am smitten by this movie (in my permanent top five, along with "Tremors") so I was internally vocalizing the nasally tones as I was reading it and laughing. hehehehehe, sigh...good times.

Okay, enough idol worship for the moment. We were graced with Jen and John's presence last year as they stopped at Powell's during her book tour. She had posted on her blog a few months before that if any local professional bakeries were interested in donating some cake for the book signing to let her know. I was seriously doing "mememememememememe!!!! oh please oh please oh please" as I was typing a very carefully worded letter about how much we appreciate her blog and would enjoy being able to participate in the event.

Here are the cakey tributes that we brought and laid at the altar of the Wreckiness. To top it off, the "Contragulation's" cake is not only the bane of Jen's existence, the dreaded CCC cake, it is a MINI CCC cake!!!!(insert evil, maniacal laughter here...and here...and here...AND initial here)

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