Monday, January 21, 2013

Chocolate Fest 2013

I will just say...
"Wow" and "Yum".

Chocolate Fest was a whirlwind of activity
to put it mildly.  

 Our Fudge brownies, cupcakes, and 
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies were 
flying out of our booth at warp speed. 
There never seems to be enough time to taste everything 
or visit with all of the other splendid vendors that were in attendance
but I did manage to take a few pictures. 

"And here we go."
My Pastry Chef, Robin Hassett, ready for the day.
Our neighbors across the way, Rose City Sweets.
Coastal Mist chocolates
This is such a gorgeous display.
Everything here is so tasty. Willamette Valley Confectionery
They always have such a fun & sassy booth at JaCiva's.
Verdun Chocolate
Carter's Chocolates
The chocolate dipped bacon at Carter's Chocolates
sold out long before Chocolate Fest ended. 
Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate.
They have some serious style at this booth.
Our next door neighbors
The muscat is divine. Their other wines are pretty good too.
Setting up.
"Chocolate Understands." Yes, yes it does.
I didn't get any pictures of this one but PBJ's sandwiches are...
Very possibly the BEST sandwiches that I have ever tried.
Best Ever. 

My favourites in order are:
The Spicy Thai (O.M.G.)
The Hot Hood, a very, very close second.
(Very, very close.)
The Oregonian
The Spencer
The Joy
Of course, I haven't had a chance to try the rest yet...
Here's the link to their page.
Do yourself a favour and stop by their foodcart. 
It will be worth every moment. 
Steampunk Baker, samples at the ready.
A huge Thank You! goes out to our staff 
for all of their hard work & 
to the World Forestry Center staff for putting 
this event together. 

See you all next year!