Sunday, June 24, 2012


Technically it is Summer in the Northwest.
Which translates to, at least a full week of sunshine...
not all in the same week, of course. 
In honour of that,  

*Come to think of it, there has been mention of actual sunshine sightings recently. 
Wait, I think I see some sunbeams now! Wow, so shiny.*

Here are some cakes to put you in a Summery sort of mood.
 Sunshine helps the flowers grow.
 Time for picnics and weddings.

 Perfect time to visit the Zoo.
*And if you are lucky enough to be going to the San Diego Zoo, 
you have a chance to catch Steampunk Baker's favourite musical automatons.
Steam Powered Giraffe 
*dreamy sigh*
 It's also the perfect time to visit aquariums.
 And it's perfect weather for star gazing in the Northwest.
*Less clouds blocking the night sky*

Have an Excellent Summer everyone!