Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dreary days

It's wet outside, the rain is pounding against the window, slowing occasionally to a steady drip against the pane then speeds back up to the incessant hammering again. This is the sort of day made for baking something warm and comforting; brownies perhaps, or maybe some chocolate chip cookies.

If it were earlier in the day I'd consider making some rolls or one of my favorites-Swedish Cardamom bread, although truth be told I probably start that one the night before so it could rise overnight in the fridge...mmmmm...or Monkey bread unceremoniously dumped out of it's Bundt pan after baking with the molten brown sugar glaze and toasted pecans slowly oozing down it's surface.

I am beginning to salivate and I think I have planned what I am doing for the weekend (the tasty part of it at least mmmmm, Monkey bread).

1 comment:

  1. Growing up in Seattle, we had a lot of days like that. Mom says fudge won't set up when it's wet outside. I know you work in a bakery, but can you shed some light on how the candy store can make fudge every day, and I can only make fudge on cold, clear days?