Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chocolate Fantasy 2013

Chocolate Fantasy at the Jenkins Estate.
Always the Friday before Valentine's Day.
(so much easier to remember)

My bakery has a booth in the stables 
(I would love to turn that place into a house!)
and we always have desserts for sample & sale.
We bring everything from Fudge brownies to 
Chocolate cupcakes with a buttercream swirl, 
and as always, everything is made from scratch.
I keep meaning to take more pictures but 
there never seems to be enough time to do it all. 
On that note, here's a few pictures of the event 
and some of the other really nice vendors as well.
Now, On to the pictures! 
Our home away from the bakery
My Pastry Chef ready to go with our Fudge brownie samples.
I can usually make it to the other room but never quite get to the main house.

Once the crowds start arriving, it's a little difficult to get closeups.
The Rose City Sweets people are as sweet as their treats.

I have a whole shelf dedicated to Rose City Pepperheads jam, the Mango Madness is my fave.

It's chocolate that's brewed like French Press Coffee. Tasty.
Our neighbor, a couple of booths down. Lavender perfumes the stables.
She had a Dark Chocolate w/ sea salt that was excellent.
These guys have been our neighbors for ages. Love their stuff.

Steampunk Baker has the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip samples ready to go.
A Huge THANK YOU to our staff for all of their hard work!
 We couldn't do this without you.

As always,
Keep Portland Tiered. Eat Cake.