Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday season

That time of year is here again.
Holiday season. 
I just want to remind everyone not to drive your selves 
completely crazy by trying to do everything & buy everything 
that you think you need to make it a "perfect" holiday.
When it's all over, it's the memory of the time spent with 
your family & friends that is the most important treasure;
not the hideous teapot that you purchased for your aunt 
or the latest cellphone that your son just couldn't live without.
Here's a bit of Holiday scenery to enjoy.
December Wedding
A touch of Seuss
Never ending Gingerbread men
Pretty & shiny things
Topper on the December Wedding cake
Sparkly Snowflakes

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Taste of Zupan's 2012

Holidays are coming up fast. 
Here's a few of the delicious items that were starring in this year's 
Taste of Zupan's
 (If only computers had the aroma button available as well)
It was fun, it was busy, and everyone at Zupan's 
& The Heathman deserve a huge round of applause
for putting this altogether.  

As always, all proceeds goes to the Sunshine Division
Let the drooling commence! 
Columbus salami & mustards
The fig spread goes with everything
Excellent olive oil

Olympic Provisions Salami assortment
Our table neighbors-I am so happy about that.
Olympic Provisions's really cool slicer-it did wonderful things with ham.
Pastry chef set & ready to go
Our Pumpkin cupcakes w/Caramel buttercream & Chocolate cupcakes w/ Ganache
Pre-salmon samples.
The Meadow-our other table neighbor
Duck breast cooking on a Himalayan Salt Block
Some more Olympic Provisions goodies.
Our Italian Almond & Raspberry Fudge cakes.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall 2012: Upcoming events

The whirlwind of Holiday craziness begins. 
Here are a few of the events we will be doing through the beginning of November.

Okay, first up.
We will be here Friday, Oct. 19th 
but the event goes through Sunday.
For one October weekend, Alberta Rider Elementary will once again be transformed into a fine art gallery with original works from over 70 juried artists available for sale. The Foundation’s Art in the Burbs brings a diverse range of art. Explore the juried artist page to view who will be in this year's show. A highlight - you will be awed by talented Tigard-Tualatin students as you stroll through the student art gallery and entertained by student musicians performing throughout the weekend" 

Round 2
All Hallow's Eve
otherwise known as October 31st.
Spirits of all types plus Steampunk Baker
with a minion or two in attendance.

In the Spirit.

"Ghost, goblins, and whiskey, oh my! Get in the spirit and celebrate Halloween at OMSI After Dark - costumes encouraged! Taste the difference between grain and potato vodka while local distilleries share the secrets of their craft."
Number 3 
November 3rd 
All sorts of delectable foods and beverages to sample from 
Charcuterie to Pumpkin cake (ours, of course ;) and 
 all proceeds go to the Portland Police Bureau Sunshine Division.
My minion/pastry chef is much more photogenic.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wedding cakes

Short & sweet this round. 
A few of the
Wedding cakes
we've done this Summer.
At Bridgeport Brewpub
This one had carnival games as a theme.
At Mcmenamins Grand Lodge

I like the brightness of the flowers.

A little something blue.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Gear Con 2012

Steampunk Baker
took a mini sabbatical and attended
(Trumpet fanfare)
Gear Con 2012
Went to a few Crafter's Labs & made a couple of nifty treasures.
Learned a bit about men's fashion & women's corsetry.
Attended a class on Bartitsu which,
 has served a certain Mr. Holmes well on many occasions.

Picked up some gorgeous treasures from
Steampunked Out. So much leather goodness.

And listened to a couple of decent bands:
Professor Gall & Nilika Remi.
Also drooled over the goggles at 
So pretty and practical.

Also attended a lecture about Victorian medicine, 
some things from the past I'm perfectly happy 
not reliving...and that's if you were healthy.
(Let's just leave it at ugh.)
Onto the fancy bits
I did not get names but everyone was very nice
about having their pictures taken so without further ado, 

Here we go!
I just love her whole outfit..
Such style 
The gentleman standing is so very tall.
Simply gorgeous 
Possibly a little impractical for the bakery *sigh*
Professor Gall & his band. I do enjoy a good banjo.
Wings x1
Wings x2
A lady and her heavy artillery are welcome everywhere.
Quite a dapper chap.
Now, that's a coat!
Simply lovely
Wings from the flip side 
Oh, Tesla makes me happy.
Absolutely the Gentleman.
Russian Royalty
I do believe she has a bug on her chapeau, I do hope it's friendly.
 Tesla Coil in action!
(Sorry about the side view, I am having a few technical issues.)
Like the belt, the hat, heck the whole ensemble.
Again, sorry about the side view-editing is very limited on the video side of things
How else to end such a splendid time that was had by all?
I think nothing but this will do.
Flaming Bagpipes!
courtesy of Niall Townley

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Breakfast club

Staff breakfast on Saturday morning.
Sort of like brunch-except then we work.
Dutch baby fresh from the oven
Dutch baby with fresh fruit and hashbrowns.
Sweet potato pancakes and hashbrowns.
Madeleines with lemon zest and hashbrowns.

Omelettes in a bag and hashbrowns.
Belgian waffles and hashbrowns.
Doughnuts from Donut a Day and hasbrowns.
Donut a Day doughnuts. Yum
Biscuits with Mushroom gravy and hashbrowns.
Crepes w/ fresh strawberries and hashbrowns.
 Scones and hashbrowns.
Scrambled eggs and hashbrowns.
Croissants and hashbrowns.
Cinnamon rolls and hashbrowns.

Yes, pretty much everything revolves around the hashbrowns.