Thursday, October 7, 2010

IBIE 2010

International Baking Industry Exposition.
Setting: Las Vegas Nevada.
Seminars, samples, demos, and tons and tons of really big toys for those of a baking persuasion to drool over.

Think of it as Dragon Con for the baking set except without the really cool costumes but with lots more bread fixings, various forms of fruit ranging from puree to dried, dough enhancers, decorating stuff, cutters, slicers, baggers, and most important of all-Chocolate...lots and lots of chocolate.

Let the games begin!

The mother ship has arrived and it's so shiny. I seriously expect it to light up and start spinning like a carousel or a disco ball...

hehehehehehe-you will now have that song in your head for the rest of the day-hehehehehe.

I couldn't even begin to tell you what most of this equipment can do, suffice it to say, I think pretty much anything it wants to.

This one reminds me a little of when you are standing on the edge of a cliff and you just get this urge to get just that extra inch closer to the edge-you'll be fine really...

Baker #1: "Hmmmm, I think we could use this in the bakery don't you?"

Baker #2: "Why yes, I do believe it would be just perfect over in the back corner and so multipurpose too."

"By day a Ginormous mixer for the bakery, by night we are talking Hot Tub central. Look, it can seat 4 easily. "

quick note-they had even larger mixers than this there.

"Ohhhhhh look, a personal sauna that doubles as an oven...How thoughtful and just perfect after a good soak in the mixer/Hot Tub."

Well, there will be more pictures to follow of the Expo (stop groaning, c'mon there are some nifty things to look at-seriously) and I will even get some video up in a few more days as well as some of the sights on the Strip and a few really excellent places for food and, of course, Chocolate!!!!!!!!!!

Random thought for the day.
You know...I always find it kind of interesting, all of these shows and movies that make places like Vegas seem sooooooooo massive and they truly are in some ways but when you are on the ground strolling about, you realize that in reality they aren't quite as large as they appear on film.

Actually, truth be told, the Las Vegas Strip kind of reminds me of a movie set with the action constantly flowing around you, from the street performers to the mid western tourists to the porn slappers, everyone is a part of the show.

You choose how much you want to watch or participate in the live performance of humanity that swirls around you.

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  1. I love these pictures. Were there chocolate statues? Or just giant blocks?

    And are the giant mixers for industrial things, or just for show? Because they don't look like they'd get the clumps out, if they were actually used.