Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy All Hallow's Eve my fellow spirits of the evening

A little light music to set the tone I think...

Ahhhhhh, such delicious sounds.

Now, to continue...
Here are a few offerings to set the proper holiday spirit(s).

People should really consider having their weddings on Halloween,
just think of all of the ghouls and goblins that might arrive for the nuptials and the resulting photo album would be much more interesting.

"Mmmmmmmm, bats are soooo deliciously crunchy and surprisingly sweet."

One can not forget birthdays either...

"Eye'll be watching you"
mwah hahahahahahaha*cough...cough* hahahahahahahhaha

[evil laughter is hard on the throat]

Now on to the costume side of things.

Here's the real character in typical action mode...

and here are his Dopplegangers-with no damages to the bakery either.

Two, two Beakers for the price of one :)
They each got a free cookie for these outfits even though I didn't hear any "meeps"
Happy VikingTip for employers...
Vikings make excellent workers however...
curbing their desire to break into an operatic solo is not a simple task.

Usually, I think of fabulous outfits several days after All Hallow's Eve and then say to self...

"Self, start work on this right now so you will have it ready for next year"

and then I don't pay attention and end up doing something last minute but
not this year...

This year, I actually had an idea for a costume
before All Hallow's Eve
and I think it turned out nicely and now I can embellish further for next year...or next week...or next Spring...
maybe it will become the new work uniform ;)
Keep a wary eye out my fellow bakers...

I am especially fond of the hat. Steampunk Baker
is presented for your consideration

I need to track down and/or make some Holsters for the leg next year and possibly a larger many possibilites.

Yes, the pastry bags are lit from within, what kind of Steampunk Baker would I be without my pastry bags ready to frost at a moment's notice?

I have noticed that the rolling pin and staff could also be used for a
"Conana the Barbarian/Red Sonja" theme.


Nahhhhh, Steampunk offers so many style possibilities, it's impossible to consider other options.

and to close, one of my favourite All Hallow's Eve tunes.
[I know it's random but it's a rather jazzy & chipper horror tune]
Happy All Hallow's Eve everyone!

Mwah hahahha*cough...cough*hahahahah

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