Thursday, February 24, 2011

Warm weather must mean Vegas.

It's cold and kind of icky weather outside today, therefore it must be time to
return to Las Vegas...
in spirit at least ;)

Where the sun is always shining, a cold day is temperatures in the 60's, and there are celebrities to meet on every street corner...
such as these two fellows.
[I know I've seen them before, somewhere...
Oh wait, the Gold versions were a couple of blocks back,
and across the road are the Rodeo versions,
and just around the corner are the singing ones.]

[Thank you, thank you very much.]
{No, no I could not resist saying that, it's practically a requirement.)

Now, on with the show!
Here are some more pictures of the IBIE conference.

Enormously vast space which translates to good exercise...
[as long as you don't eat All of the samples.]

*Just follow the trail of rainbow sprinkles, my pretty*
{So many sprinkles but not a drop of ice cream nearby... it's at least two aisles away.}
*Past the witch's garden.*
[lovely crop of pumpkins by the way]
{Always be sure to compliment a witch on her garden,
much less likely to be cursed that way}

*See?! Look at what happened to these two,
they obviously upset the witch.
Nobody wants that...*
[It's like all
of those horror movies that you watch, and you are telling the characters in the movie, "Listen to the scary music! Don't OPEN that door!"
but then they do and there's the inevitable screaming and gushing blood...
or in this case, mummification.]

Once you're past the minions, it's free sailing from there.[Either they are the witch's minions or possibly some of the conference attendees who have had a little too much sugar today. Could go either way really.]

*Take a hard left at the bread sculpture*
[Yes, it really is all bread]
Then you are at the entrance.
*Be sure to enter the right code or you have to start over completely*
[and that tends to make the witch a little cranky sometimes]

"Now, was it: Orange flower, black flower, gold swirl, red stripes?
Or was it: Gold swirl, black flower, red stripes, orange flower?"
"You have chosen wisely."

You may now enter the realm of cuteness and sweetness.[I think the buttons on the side are so cute and the bears are adorable although I'm sure that Stephen Colbert would strongly disagree.]

This was one of my favorite cakes at the show.
So simple and yet so elegant.
Well, that is all for today, I'm off to daydream about some more sunny, warm weather whilst bundling myself up in a warm blanket and sipping some hot tea.

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