Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Last Sunday

I received a wonderful present from a friend recently.
It was a ticket to one of a series of events presented by the Open Kitchen that happen about once or twice a month in Portland.
A little experimental, a little quirky, but always interesting and definitely will keep you coming back for the next time-thus, it fits Portland perfectly.
This particular event was the "Culinary Carnival".

The Open Kitchen is a little hard to describe.
Scrumptious cuisine, different chefs, different menus, randomly yet seamlessly coming together into something more than its separate parts, that is the essence of Open Kitchen.

My perspective is that it's a recipe of sorts; a recipe for living, that we should all adhere to a bit more closely which includes enjoying good food and having a good time.

Recipe for Open Kitchen.
Good and generally locally available foodstuffs, assortment and location may vary.
People interested in producing excellent meals.
People interested in consuming excellent meals.
Kitchen/dining space for operation of event.
Beverages, choose variety.

Combine kitchen space with interesting chef, add ingredients plus several helpers and equipment to prep the food. Combine and mix as needed, cook until satisfied with results.
At this point add people interested in eating, a glass of wine or other beverage, seating, and interesting conversation.
Again, mix until combined.
Serve and enjoy.

This particular Sunday's dinner was in honour of Carnival held in Brazil. Chef Mario Larouche created the menu, fare that you would find in street stalls and homes around the area, along with a Sour Cream sorbet that was out of this world. He and his staff, along with the Open Kitchen creators did an excellent job.
The menu.
Now I need to go find a bottle of the Novo Fogo, I'll just say-very, very tasty.

Here's the official description of the Open Kitchen from their website, which is much more eloquent.

""The Open Kitchen" is a new food series that focuses on building community and collaboration in the Portland food scene. With dinners twice a month, The Open Kitchen creates a space where we can come together for a gourmet dinner and engaging discussion with the food artisans and producers who have created the meal on our plates. Local food, local chefs, and local fun: The Open Kitchen will break down the barriers between eater, kitchen and food producer.
To highlight the new ideas sprouting in the Portland food world, to explore all the beautiful sides of Portland’s food community, and to link innovative and sustainably-motivated chefs, farmers, and food producers with those who care about the health and impact of food they eat. We will work to dissolve the mystery between consumer, kitchen, and food producer, so Portland can see why choosing local will be the best decision they can make."

Thank you Mary Ann :)
Another plus, I actually got to wear something other than work clothes for a change...although I still need to practice wearing heels [sigh]

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