Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our cakes in film

Look whose cakes are in the movies and now they are making appearances on the telly as well. (mild preening)
I decided to double check the definition of whose to make sure that I was using the proper context and ended up more confused than when I started so I am leaving it as it is and if it's wrong then so be it.

Okay, technically this first set of cakes were for an actor's birthday so they didn't actually appear in the movie. The cakes were made for Lou Tay
lor Pucci, the main actor in "Thumbsucker" which was directed by Mike Mills.
Sooooooo, again they weren't actually in the movie, but they were eaten by people who were so it sort of semi counts doesn't it?

This next cake actually did make it into a movie. It appeared in the birthday scene from "Into the Wild" which was directed by Sean Penn and partly filmed in Beaverton. It played the part of the strong, silent, sweet type.

Earlier this year, my pastry chef was asked to make a cake for the tv show "Leverage". The cake was a representation of a mythical African nation for the episode titled "
The Scheherazade Job" which just recently aired. The cake appears in the opening scene, and wow, did they cut huge chunks of cake to eat. I swear each slice was about four standard servings (unless one is talking about college age boys and then maybe it was a half serving). Anyhow, we now can say that we know movie and television stars-granted they were all cake but still... ;)

I've been commenting about this last one on on our facebook page a bit but here is the more in depth version-sort of, hmmm, not really that much depth to go into I suppose but here I go anyway.

The chap from "Leverage" contacted us again last week and needed a Gingerbread house by Monday, not Martha Stewart level but not Cake Wrecks level either, I think it turned out just right and I had an absolute blast making it. (more preening)

I now have a hankering to make more, I know it's July but I could make one to cover every holiday, month, day of the week...And now I've realized that really, all things considered, this is the best time of year to make them anyway; there's plenty of time, no last minute mad dash, they have plenty of time to dry, and you can always quickly work up another if something happens to go horribly wrong with the first one. If you think about it for a minute, it's a brilliant idea right? right? hello? Well, I think it has some merit at any rate.

and then what about making a life size one? Can you imagine how huge the gumdrops would have to be? Would you use real christmas trees? The amount of royal icing to make would be insane. Would one have people dress up as Gingerbread people or make cutouts like they did for "Blazing Saddles"? (love Gene Wilder in that by the way)

Hmmmm...there would be a slight issue if it started to rain or snow though, and you'd have to be on constant lookout for Hansel & Gretel...[slap]...thanks I needed that I think but then think of the possibilities-Frank Lloyd Wright style, ranch and bungalow styles, bird houses, dog houses, Baroque mansions (if it isn't Baroque, don't fix it-hehehehehehehehehehe).

Ahem,... at any rate look for to show up around xmas. To finish it all off, the Leverage guy called me a couple of days later and wondered if I could make Egg Nog as well,...why...yes, yes I could. Thanks to Alton Brown (my hero) for that excellent recipe, darn tasty it was although I did tweak it a bit-there can be such a thing as too much Nutmeg sometimes.

and to all a good night.

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  1. Woot! Saw the pivotal scene in which the Leverage cake played a part. Added much to the dramatic tension ;>)