Monday, July 26, 2010

Super Duper Top Ultra Secret Cake Surprise

So, a couple of months ago I was thinking of what to do for the big birthday day of one of the girls at work. (ponder, ponder, ponder)

"hmmm, she's got that...nope, we did that two years ago...wait! that's it...nooooooo, actually that's really silly...or maybe too silly.

Then the light bulb went on...
I happen to know she loves to play a certain video game a lot...I mean, really... a lot. I roped in my baker for the project (she actually did most of the actual work) then we set to pla
y...ahem, ahem... I meant -set to WORK! on the Super Duper Top Ultra Secret Cake Surprise.

I give you...

{Trumpet fanfare}

Drumroll please...

Would someone please go catch that rolling drum?! Honestly, people can be so literal sometimes...

The Grand unveiling of...
The Katamari Birthday cake

Taaaaaaaaaa Daaaaaaaaah!!!

and of course, it had to be bakery themed with clowns-she abhors clowns so they were an absolute must to include...

"why yes, my middle name is Sadistic and Subversively Evil, how ever did you guess?"

Okay, for those of you who have never heard of the game the basic premise is, you are a little character who rolls a ball around and stuff sticks to the ball. Sound silly? Simplistic maybe? It is actually a lot of fun. It's also a lot harder and way, way more addictive than you might think.

{The happy cake recepient==>}

You merrily push the ball along, as more stuff sticks to it, the larger the ball grows so bigger stuff will stick to it. I, for one, am quite amused by all of the people running and screaming as the ball rolls over them and then there are the cows or horses with their legs flailing as it rolls around with them stuck on it. {the mini plaintive moos and baaaing of the sheep just kill me}

[snicker-Did you not just notice
my middle name? It amuses me.]

And maybe she's enjoying the cake just a wee much...You be the judge.

The remains of the cake. Who knows, next year maybe Zombies? I think the clowns would be up for it...You know you are so picturing evil zombie clowns right now.
excellent... {again, middle name Subversively Evil or at least it should be sometimes}

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