Sunday, April 18, 2010

White cake rant for the day

White cakes, REAL white cakes (no mixes involved) tend to be dry. Let's just put that out there right now.
Many Americans' taste buds have become so used to the white cakes available at the local mega mart or the cake mixes they've purchased, that when they encounter an actual, made from scratch white cake, it throws them for a loop.

White cake made from scratch has a different texture; it is firmer and drier than what these people have become used to. Most people, once they've adjusted to the differences appreciate the scratch made cakes more because they discover that these cakes aren't as cloyingly sweet, that the flavor is more refined, that the cakes can work better with a huge variety of frosting and fillings, and that they plain just taste good.

For those few people who want scratch made white cakes to be exactly like ones they've purchased at the mega marts, or from mixes and recipes that they've made at home ( then massively adjusting or simple syruping the heck out of the cake to make it more moist), I suggest that they continue to do so because there seems to be no room in their lives for variety.
If this very vocal minority chooses to buy a scratch made white cake then they need to get off their high horses about what they think white cake is. There is more than one version of white cake and if these people still can not appreciate those differences then maybe they should stick to their insipid ideals.

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