Sunday, April 25, 2010

Persnickety appliances

You would think that industrial coolers would operate without much fuss, sure every now and then the power goes out or a part needs to be replaced but overall, these coolers and freezers are meant to be heavy duty...however, they are actually very sensitive and temperamental pieces of equipment, especially when the weather changes-I keep hearing from people that the time of the year has no effect on them but every time the season changes or people get complacent about how to use them, they get grumpy and then there's a lot more cleaning than usual involved.

A case in point is our walk in freezer. Saturday morning it's condenser froze up and therefore shut down which meant it was starting to warm up-I sooooo don't understand how that makes sense, I mean isn't that what a freezer is meant to do in the first place is to freeze? Anyhow, we got it repaired very quickly-Thanks Joel at Adam's Refrigerated Trailers!!!!!!!!!!!!!- I surmised and he confirmed that the door had been left open too long the day before so it froze up. Basically, if the door is open for any length of time, whether the fans are running or not, the condenser is working much harder than it should be. So, no more leaving the door open for any reason!!!!!!! As much as I adore Joel, I really don't want to see him on a frequent basis.
On the plus side, while it was defrosting, I pulled everything out and stored them in appropriate places and cleaned the heck out of that sucker-which surprisingly wasn't as bad as I thought it was and here are the shiny, pre-move stuff back in-results.

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