Monday, April 19, 2010

Dutch oven

I have an old school Dutch oven, it's heavy and there is a rich patina covering its surface. I borrowed it from my Grandmother for a P.E. class years ago-I know, a P.E. class for Dutch Oven cooking! All of the class regulars (it was a very popular class) were drooling over it when I pulled it out of it's carrying tote the first time.
Anyhow, my Grandmother let me keep it as I was using it so much and she told me about some of the cooking and baking that she had done in it over the years. She also told me that she had purchased it brand new for $1.25 when she first got married.
It has seen everything from curried Cauliflower to several attempts at a Chocolate pudding cake, plus a really good batch of Jambalaya since I've had it. The Dutch has always done what has been asked of it and all it needs in return is an occasional wipe down with some oil and to be put to use.
On the stove top, in the oven, or over some low burning coals-once you learn how your Dutch oven (or any good cast iron pot or pan for that matter) responds, then it will become one of your best and favorite tools. Good food and good memories, that's the best sort of legacy for any cast iron, especially my Dutch oven.

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  1. my friend gave me a lodge dutch oven about a year ago and i love it. i think i'll make some soup in it tomorrow...