Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wet , wet, and more damp.

It's kind of what defines western Oregon when you think about it:
Rain, rain, and more rain.

It's not that we really have more rain than other places or worse weather;
to the contrary it's actually fairly mild around these parts.
(translation-very few days of icy roads)
After a while though the grey, cool, dampness gets to you a little.
You crave brilliant sunshine and warm temperatures.
Somewhere out there, you know there are flowers blooming.
Okay, so maybe they only exist in a hotel room being set up for a reception
but still they are out there.

It's kind of funny really, outdoors there's so much grey and dampyet indoors Spring is in full bloom.So I've decided that I'm going to use my imagination a little.
I'm going to go to a place where the sun is always shining
and the flowers are always blooming,
whether they are real or made of sugar. Sure, the "sunshine" may actually just be from fluorescent lights
and the flowers may or may not be real
but it's a place full of brilliance and colour.
I know there's a place...some place,
somewhere out there;
where the gnomes have finished working for the day and the fairies have come out to play.
Somewhere out there Spring and Summer lasts year round.
Yes, it's a pretty nice place.

Still, the grey and damp can be beautiful in its own way too
and it really does make you appreciate the nice weather
when it shows up.

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