Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chocolate with Olive oil & Tasting Salt

I love chocolate.

The darkness of it, the richness, the fact that it can be fruity or spicy, bitter or sweet.
It's used to make tasty beverages, desserts,
and savory dishes as well.

Side note: If you ever are in Salt Lake City, Utah
you simply must go to the
Red Iguana restaurant on 736 West North Temple,
Salt Lake City, UT 84116

for anything on their menu which contains one of their
heavenly Mole sauces.
Simply beyond your imagination of tastiness.
Beyond it, I say!

Anyhow, being the chocolate addict that I am, when I came across this recipe; I was intrigued by the combination of chocolate with a good quality olive oil and tasting salts. It was not something I had entertained the notion of before.

Now, a lot of people would say "Ewwwwwwwww!" whereas I taste each potential ingredient in my mind, roll the possibilities around a bit and think,
"Yes, these could work very well together, let's give it a whirl."

One point of contention I have with regards to this recipe,
it is not mousse.
Ganache, yes. Mousse no.
Other than that it is extremely quick to make, you can do endless riffs off of the recipe by choosing different chocolate to use, different liquids (such as soy milk) to combine it with, and different varieties of olive oil and tasting salts to finish it off. mmmmmmmmm.

Here's the recipe link:
It's really simple: Put the chocolate in a heat proof bowl, in a pot heat the cream to a simmer/low boil. After it's boiled, pour it over the chocolate and slowly stir until every thing is combined.
Let it cool.

After it has cooled and set up a bit, scoop some into a dish and pour a little of the olive oil around the chocolate and sprinkle the tasting salt of your choice on top.
The salts that I used were (from left to right):
Murray River from Australia, Hiwa Kai-Hawaii Black from Hawaii, Fleur de Sel from France, Sal Marina Piments from Spain, and Smoked Sea Salt from Britiian.

and a close up of the finished dessert.
"mmmmmm...hmm? What did you say? How does it taste?"
[licking spoon]

Well, to that I say...
"Try it, you might like it."
and seriously, go to the Red Iguana-best Moles ever!

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