Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chocolate Fest 2011

Of course, some of us are above average...
at least when it comes to chocolate ;)

Here we are, booth #2-ready and set for the Grand opening...
(the interesting thing is, there was no booth #1)
On with the Fest!
I totally gave up trying to take pictures while the event was going on,
I got a few but we were beyond busy with sample action and answering questions.

Here are a few of our neighbors for the weekend.
This booth isn't finished yet but I absolutely love the dessert stand on the right.
I think it was Coastal Mist's.
One of my favorite chocolate companies from last year, Euphoria Chocolate Co. was there again this year but I also found another new favorite.
Intrigue Chocolate Co.
The Cardamom Coffee truffle is unbelievable!
Close up of Cool City Kettlecorn
and another shot of Intrigue's truffles just because.
A calmer moment during the Fest

Behind the booth view,
Barefoot winery's Sparkling wine goes extremely well with our Fudge brownie.
[I'm just saying]
You can see the doors behind the line of people;
on Saturday the line went from the door directly to us
[I went to bed almost as soon as I got home Saturday night, whew!]

Someone slipping out during a brief lull on Sunday to sample some of Taza's Salt & Pepper Stone Ground Chocolate (very fruity, reminded me a little of banana-in a very good way).
Stone ground chocolate has a rougher texture but more of the natural flavour shines through.
And to finish off the day I think some Chocolate sculpture will be just the ticket.
I didn't catch who officially made this but I think it might be from
Chocolate Forest Sculpture
I don't have any other information on the company but the sculpture is gorgeous.
Now to rest up a little before...
Chocolate Fantasy on Feb. 11th!
A person could almost have too much chocolate at this rate...
Bring forth the Chocolate!

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