Friday, June 11, 2010

Snobbish Chocoholic

I admit it, isn't that the first step? Admitting that you have a problem? Well, I admit it and I accept myself for who I am, a Chocoholic who's also a Chocolate Snob (I KNOW! the worst kind right?:)

For the past few years now I have been delving into the deeper, the darker, the more cacao the better. Bittersweet? the bitterer the better. Bring it on I say-except for unsweetened-I can't quite go that far down into the darkness, the rich...velvety...darkness...not yet at any rate but 76% or 85%? maybe even 92% on a good day-I am so there.

There are a couple of national brands of chocolate bars that I used to love, used to be the only chocolate that I would eat (okay, not completely true but I am trying to make a point)-now they are almost all too sweet and/or waxy for me. They smell the same, they look the same as they used to (okay, maybe just a bit tinier yet more expensive) and I keep thinking that "Oh, this time will be different, this time this chocolate (fill in the blank) will taste like what I remember"...they don't.

I have gone to the dark side. Do I miss those innocent days when things were simpler, before I knew of the seemingly endless varieties of artisanal chocolate that exists?...No.

Those standard chocolate bars and truffles just won't cut it anymore for me. I need the big fix-fair trade, organic, single source-all made with ingredients that you can pronounce. It's not just the chocolate bars and truffles either (though you really should try the dark spiced chocolates from Euphoria Chocolate Co. in Eugene OR-OMG!),I am hooked on other chocolate delights as well.

What could they possibly be? Well, I am glad you asked ;)
there is the yummy drinking chocolate from Cacao-fair warning the
spicy is not for the timid-, Choffy-(crushed roasted cacao nibs that you treat like french press coffee), and my current fave {fanfare erupts} Chocolate Hemp Bliss, it's like soy milk sort of but not-there are a couple of similar brands out there but I like the Bliss.

Anyhoo, here are a few of the items that are currently residing in my cupboard at home just to give you an idea of how far gone I am-but I can quite cold turkey any time man. I could, you know. No problemo. Any time...

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