Friday, February 28, 2014

Yes, I'm still lurking about

Hi all, So it's been a bit busy on this end of things, that is my excuse for no recent updates. Life, work, and other such activities tend to suck up that little bit of "free" time that I pretend to have.
Moving slowly but getting there eventually
"I'm a leaf on the wind"...or, in this case, a dandelion
Chocolate Fest 2014  Steampunk Baker in residence
Valentine's week was a bit crazy this year.
I swear I'm looking at a clown.
We really have been busy as bees
There may have been some fishing for compliments
What we look like after the holidays are over
It snowed a lot! For here that is.
We're not lying around, I promise.

Side note:
One of my favorite groups that has kept me from going completely crazy,
I think..well, mostly at least.

Abney Park

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