Sunday, June 16, 2013

It's Your Wedding.

It's that time of year again, High Wedding Season. 
And the phone calls that come with...
"Hi, I need a Wedding cake to serve 300 for tomorrow 
and I want this decoration."

Ahahahahahahahahahaha,...wait, you're serious?
And yes, we have had a few of those types of calls.
Sometimes, we can help. Sometimes we can not.
It never ceases to amaze me that some don't stop to think that it 
might take more than five minutes to make something like that,
especially when they want the elaborate decoration 
that needs at least a week to set. 
One thing I always tell couples that come for consultations and
I have noticed that a lot more couples, in general, 
are taking this advice to heart whether 
it's having unusual Wedding photos, 
showing off serious dance moves, 
Steampunk attire, etc.
I've had a few couples that don't care for cake but 
they think that it's what they have to have 
because it's what's expected.
They'll be eyeing our Lemon Coconut bar or 
the Fudge brownie and then ask me 
"What kind of cake do most people like?"

I ask them, "If you were just having something for yourself, 
What do you really like?" 
Some have said cookies, others have said pie but then 
they start dutifully looking through our cake photo albums again.

"It's your Wedding, 
you should do what you want to do, 
not what you think 
others expect you to do."
Again, it's your Wedding. 
Have what you want to have.
Sure, you could have a small cake or cupcakes to 
keep the cake lovers happy but, if you like pie then,
by all means,  have pie.
(Just remember to have a pie server or two on hand)
Why, one of our former employees had us make 
her a Wedding cake that was actually 
giant Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies which we
filled and frosted like a regular cake
and it was a big hit.

There are always a few caveats for anything you choose, 
for example: if it's 100+ degree day outside, and you don't have 
refrigeration then it's probably best to stay away from 
custard or whipped cream
but other than that, go for it.

Weddings should be about 
celebrating ,not regretting.

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