Monday, April 8, 2013

Random stuff

There's a lot of stuff going on and I never seem to have enough time to catch up on everything that I want to do or that needs to be done.

Anyhow, thought I'd post a few things that I am currently interested in (translation: many of the things that are keeping me from catching up on the other things I should be doing).

I found out about this excellent web comic when I was up at Steamcon last year.
girl genius comics
This web comic has it all and I love the fact that the main character is a pretty darn self sufficient and practical female. Also, the humour cracks me up a lot. 

Another web comic that I've just come across is "Namesake".
The premise is that a person who has the same name as a character from a novel has the potential to be a new version of that character and continue or update the story. 

These both are ongoing comics which drives me (a little) crazy because I want to read the entire thing right now!!!!... but, at least they update three times a week on alternating days 
so I can get my fix of each until the next one is online. 
You can also buy Girl Genius in actual book form either as a graphic novel or as a regular novel. 
(Yes, please. Actual physical, hold the weight in your hands, 
flip pages back and forth, 
dog ear your favourite pages books are the best!) 
(Totally Team Gil btw)

Food wise, we met these people at ChocolateFest this year
and I am very happy about that.

At first glance of their menu, you think
"What? How? Is that Even Possible?"
Then you taste on of their sandwiches and realize that
your reality has shifted and you are all the better for it.
 (Spicy Thai is the best  until I have the Betty or the Hot Hood)

Sometimes, one just needs a little break from the world of dessert and PBJ's is a tasty way to go.

Well, that's a brief rundown of nifty things, now-Back to the cakes!
And pies, and cookies, and mousse...


  1. My mom always taught me to cover the entire cupcake with frosting to avoid it drying out. More and more I'm seeing this style of frosting, where it doesn't go to the edges. Why is that? Is the plan to eat the cupcakes before they get old?

  2. It partly depends on the cake, some are fine for a day or two before they start drying out but since most are meant to be eaten pretty quickly then not being completely covered usually isn't a big problem.