Monday, August 20, 2012

Gear Con 2012

Steampunk Baker
took a mini sabbatical and attended
(Trumpet fanfare)
Gear Con 2012
Went to a few Crafter's Labs & made a couple of nifty treasures.
Learned a bit about men's fashion & women's corsetry.
Attended a class on Bartitsu which,
 has served a certain Mr. Holmes well on many occasions.

Picked up some gorgeous treasures from
Steampunked Out. So much leather goodness.

And listened to a couple of decent bands:
Professor Gall & Nilika Remi.
Also drooled over the goggles at 
So pretty and practical.

Also attended a lecture about Victorian medicine, 
some things from the past I'm perfectly happy 
not reliving...and that's if you were healthy.
(Let's just leave it at ugh.)
Onto the fancy bits
I did not get names but everyone was very nice
about having their pictures taken so without further ado, 

Here we go!
I just love her whole outfit..
Such style 
The gentleman standing is so very tall.
Simply gorgeous 
Possibly a little impractical for the bakery *sigh*
Professor Gall & his band. I do enjoy a good banjo.
Wings x1
Wings x2
A lady and her heavy artillery are welcome everywhere.
Quite a dapper chap.
Now, that's a coat!
Simply lovely
Wings from the flip side 
Oh, Tesla makes me happy.
Absolutely the Gentleman.
Russian Royalty
I do believe she has a bug on her chapeau, I do hope it's friendly.
 Tesla Coil in action!
(Sorry about the side view, I am having a few technical issues.)
Like the belt, the hat, heck the whole ensemble.
Again, sorry about the side view-editing is very limited on the video side of things
How else to end such a splendid time that was had by all?
I think nothing but this will do.
Flaming Bagpipes!
courtesy of Niall Townley


  1. I love your blog. it encompasses many of the things I love:

    Small business ownership and cake.
    Steampunk and cake.
    Snarky comments about stupid people, and cake.

    Speaking of cake, what's the deal with cake pops? I really don't get the appeal.

  2. I'm in the process of working on a cake pop blog post. However, don't hold your breath for it being posted soon. Work randomly keeps getting in the way of my scribbles.