Monday, January 2, 2012

Holiday cookies

The Holidays are done.
Time to pack up all of the ornaments, the tinsel, 
and the festive lights.
 For us in the baking profession, 
the holiday season also means 
crazier than usual work hours...
and lots and lots and lots of cookies.

After decorating several hundred holiday cookies
sometimes they start to seem a little different somehow...
Can't quite put my finger on it but 
there is definitely something different.
Randomly, odd ones start popping up
right next to the normal ones.
Then, kind of like zombies, 
they start to take over.
"Ohhhh NOOOOOO!"
And then there were the alien abductions.

With the holidays over, 
things are starting to return to normal.
The aliens and zombies began contemplating a takeover
and really, that's just not going to end well for anyone.
Happy snowmen return.

Enjoying the "wrap" party.

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