Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crazy cat lady moment

It's hot...
Well, for here it's hot...which must mean Summer has officially arrived to the Northwest.
I'm a moderate Summer kind of person which means mid 70's with a few clouds amiably floating along.

Warmer than that and my brain turns to goo, which it, rather than listen to me blather on mindlessly
(see goo reference and I am so glad I don't live where 100+ temps are the norm)
I will post pictures of my felines in all of their cuteness...which mostly means napping.

I do actually have a few posts in mid writing (crepes are featured in one) but I am waiting to take a couple of pictures for some and some extra free time to finish writing the others (another thing about Official Summer in the Northwest-lots of weddings).

Now on to the furry ones!

I call this one 
"Tawny in repose" 
or "Clean Sheets that I must immediately lay claim to"

 This one would be Scarlett
"I'm trying to NAP up here!"

"Why yes, I am extremely photogenic. Why do you ask?"
 "Zoom! Even while I sleep."

That is all of the crazy cat lady action I will thrust upon you today. 
Just consider this to be a cute interlude.

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