Sunday, August 1, 2010

Waterfront Blues Festival

"The Thrill is Gone", "Nobody Knows When You Are Down And Out", "Hellhound On My Trail". These songs were born of heartache, angst, reflection, bitterness, and so many other emotions rolled together and rung out until the raw music seeped out into our conscience.

Blues music can be loud, brash, and in your face or, soft and subtle, soaking into the depths of your soul. The Blues speak to harsh truths that may you already know of, the heavy beat of the music wrapping around your marrow like bone strengthening you against further adversity, the words giving catharsis to all who need it.

he Safeway Waterfront Blues festival is one of many that celebrates this music and its many variations. 4th of July weekend, the Waterfront comes alive with the music that you can hear floating throughout downtown and across the river. Lots of good music, lots of good people, and lots of excellent food.

One of the caterers that we know (Hi Lori!) has been feeding some of the behind the scenes workers and musicians who have participated in the Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival for the last few years. She buys a few things from
us and we donate some stuff as well.

Last year Keb Mo ate one of our Vegan Spelt Chocolate Chip cookies ["Just Like You" is one of my all time favorite songs].

Besides, the usual cookies and other desserts, this year we donated a half sheet cake that I decorated.

No, this is not a tune, my music reading skills are nil and this is in spite of the fact that I used to play music in school (musical notes are kind of like fractions to me-I know they mean something, but I just really, really don't get how they work and the examples are always something simple like 1/4+ 3/4, that's not a useful example! Give me something like 34/59 divided by 7/17. Now THAT is a useful example) [maybe I still have a few issues regarding fractions, just maybe]

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